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Characteristics of Steam Ships

The Industrial Revolution is changing everything, with steam ships being the next great invention arriving on the world stage. There are multiple differences between Steam Ships and all other traditional sailing ships built in the past.


  • •    By depleting the new item 'Coal Fuel', you can increase the sailing capabilities of the ship
  • •    While on the seas, your sailors have more resistance to fatigue
  • •    When carrying 'Coal Fuel', you're protected from broad-side waves, high waves, and strong gusts
  • •    While on the seas, make use of the 'Steam Whistle' from the settings in your Shortcuts
  • •    Increases chance of fire occurring while on the seas, including during Sea Battle.
* You cannot put 'Coal Fuel' in your Captain's Bag or Strongbox.
* If you obtain 'Coal Fuel' while on the seas, it may take some time before your sailing capabilities are increased.
* Even without 'Coal Fuel', you can still travel with the use of sails.
* If you're in a fleet, you can communicate with each other using the 'Steam Whistle'.

Coal Fuel & Industrial Revolution

'Coal Fuel' is a must-have item used to unlock the full potential of Steam Ships.
This powerful new resource can be purchased in North American cities as well as cities undergoing an Industrial Revolution.

Cities to Buy Coal Fuel

Bilbao, Viana do Castelo, Cattaro, Le Havre, Rotterdam, Portsmouth, Boston, Omaha, Sacramento, Tacoma and San Francisco

Coal Fuel Depletion

  • •    While navigating on the seas with a Steam Ship, 'Coal Fuel' will automatically be consumed.
  • •    While 'Coal Fuel' is available, the capabilities of the Steam Ship will increase.
  • •    After all of your 'Coal Fuel' has been depleted, the Steam Engine on your Steam Ship will cease to function and its capabilities will return to normal.

Industrial Revolution & Steam Ships

When an Industrial Revolution occurs in your affliated country, 'Coal Fuel' can be used more efficiently. During this period, the rate of depletion of 'Coal Fuel' when sailing on the seas on a Steam Ship decreases.

Building a Steam Ship

  • •    You can build a Steam Ship at the Factory of your Home Nation while it's in the state of Industrial Revolution.
  • •    The NPC inside the Factory, the 'Steam Engineer', will help you create a construction plan and get you one step closer to building a Steam Ship.
* The Shipbuilding Skill Rank 10 and the Handicraft Skill Rank 10 are required to build a Steam Ship.

New Ships

Steam Ships and More!

In addition to Steam Ships, the Industrial Revolution also introduced a battle ship
during the same time period.

Academic Association of Boston

In the city of Boston, located on the North American East Coast, you can now conduct job research at the Academic Association there. If you make progress with this research, you'll be able to unlock the full potential of your job.

Job Research
Begin your Job Research in Boston by talking with the NPC 'Franklin' at the Academic Association.
By taking on various jobs and conducting research, you can increase the list of available research themes.
* From the second time onward, you can start your research by simply talking to any Adventure Mediator
located around the world.
Research Progression
To progress in your research, you must have a job corresponding to your research theme and conduct research. Once you have completed your research, report back to the NPC 'Franklin' or any Adventure Mediator.
* More research themes to come with upcoming updates!
Job Specific Effects
  • •    By reporting your research results, you can obtain Credits, rewards, as well as Job Specific Effects depending on the theme.
  • •    By spending your Credits, you can set Job Specific Effects and those effects can be gained while you have the corresponding job.
  • •    The number of slots for Job Specific Effects that can be set at the same time will increase according to Credits obtained from the Association.
* Credits obtained from research can be used interchangeably with Credits obtained in College.

Pet Skills

Pets who travel around the world with voyagers can now unlock Pet Skills based on their Intimacy Level. The Pet Skills that can be unlocked vary between the different types of pets - connect with various pets and try out different skills!
Pet Skills and Pet Requests
Depending on the Intimacy Level of Pets with players as well as the Rank of a player's 'Training' Skill, a player can unlock a total of 3 Pet Skills per Pet. There are multiple types of Pet Skills that can help on various adventures.
During your voyages, your Pet may have various demands, and by catering to them, you can increase the Intimacy Level of your Pet.
New Skill 'Pet Training'
Animals have walked the Earth alongside humans since ancient times. Borrow their powers on your voyages with the 'Pet Training' Skill. By learning this Skill, you can unlock various Pet Skills from the Pets you bring along on your voyages.
More New Features
Game Difficulty Readjusted
Balancing Tutorial Difficulty & Defeat Penalty
The number of ships in the fleets that appear during the Graduation Exam of the Voyager Academy Maritime Course and the required Unlock Skill Rank to unlock the 'Adventurer's Treasure Chest' given during the Intermediate Adventure Course have been reduced. Additionally, when your character's total level is 20 or lower, you will no longer suffer loss of your Trade Goods, Items, Supplies or Ducats as well as decrease of your equipment's Durability
after you are defeated during Sea Battles.
These changes have been made so that the game tutorial is friendlier towards beginners.
Easier to Play!
Land Route Info on Charts & Help Note Function Update
Upon selecting the Icon of each city on the charts, route information to the inland towns will now also displayed. Also, within the Help Note function, information regarding the Character's status will now be displayed.
Penalty when defeated such as loss of Trade Items, Inventory, Materials, Money, as well as the durability of Equipment have been balanced.
Ducat Limit Increase
The amount of Ducats a player can carry has increased from 200,000,000 to 300,000,000.
Unexplored Lands
Introducing new lands including the Himalayas and Lake Baikal.
Through unexplored lands there are various phenomena waiting to be discovered!
New Level of Discoveries
With continual advances in science and technology, incredible new phenomena are being discovered, many of which still have yet to be explained. Witness all the rumored phenomena with your own eyes!
A legend passed down between sailors... An otherworldly flame on the tip of the mast...
Gems From the Heart of Africa
Influenced by the Gold Rush that began in the North American West Coast, mining technology
has improved substantially.
This advanced mining technology has now reached Africa, spurring the start of new Gemstone Mining in the region. Mined jewels of course hold value of their own, but they can also be processed for various purposes, such as making special accessories.
Introducing Two New Jobs
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