Set Sail For Adventure

Uncharted Waters Online is an epic free-to-play seafaring sandbox MMORPG set in the ‘golden age’ of oceanic exploration. Step into the shoes of a legendary Captain and voyage across the globe and through the ages, exploring the empty corners of the map. Make your name as either an Adventurer, Merchant, or Soldier, choosing between dozens of skills to conquer the seas however you want. Discover lost civilizations and artefacts, command a lucrative trading fleet, terrorize the seas as a bloodthirsty pirate - the choice is yours.

A World of Possiblities

Pick your Class and conquer the seas however you choose! Take on over 75 professions and train over 100 different skills to create your perfect Captain. Each level unlocks new abilities and locations around the world, plus dozens of unique customizations to truly stand out from the crowd.



Command Your Fleet

Captain over 500 ships from across history, each with their own specialties and abilities. Helm a nimble exploration ship, a deep-hulled trading vessel, a warship armed to the teeth or something of your own creation. Each ship has its own set of deep customization options, allowing you to craft the fleet of your dreams.

Across The Globe, Through The Ages

Experience the historic Golden Age of Exploration like never before in a massive open game world controlled by player actions. Interact with global diplomacy and realistic exchange markets, and participate in historical events controlled by a server-wide World Clock that radically impact the game world.

Gather Your Crew

Form a fleet with your friends and strike out on the seas together. Work together to explore the world, complete quests, battle foes, and synergize your skills to make a name for yourselves in the world. You can even open your very own bazaar and exchange with other Captains to expand your trade empire!

Beginner's guide

New to Uncharted Waters Online? Learn all the basics you need in the Beginner's Guide and start your new adventure right!

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