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Wonder Seekers & Seas of Wonders

In the new Episode "Lost Memories", players will be introduced to Mina and her investigation into legends across the nations. Additionally, the new Episode has brought new game content like the "Sea of Wonders"!

Wilhelmina from the Holy Roman Empire collects legends from each region, as recommended by her philologist brother. Cheerful and laid-back, she does what she wants, unconcerned about her surroundings.

From long ago, people from around the world would travel the distant seas to tell and record legends small and large on maps. One of those is the island that is clearly indicated on a map but nobody has ever arrived to... Seeking for the mysterious legend that is slowly getting forgotten, each West European country is taking action for it. Episode "Wonder Seekers" tells the story of Mina who travels to look for the legend, the people who become part of it, how they meet,
what they do... Where this island is, and what awaits there...

To begin Episode "Wonder Seekers", you will need to have progressed some level of your Home Nation's Events, which will change depending on each Nation.
Below are the required progress in order to begin Episode "Wonder Seekers".

Spain: Chapter 5 / Portugal: Chapter 8 / Venice: Chapter 7 / France: Chapter 5 / Netherlands: Chapter 8 / England: Chapter 11 / Ottoman Empire: None

With the new expansion, there are now "Seas of Wonders" for an adventure at the sea! "Seas of Wonders" are the deepest sea areas of the legendary world you will aim to reach by investigating a Mysterious Map that is said to show Voyagers visions. At "Seas of Wonders," there's a chance you will find an Item you can trade for special Character Equipment as well as Materials for Ship Parts that aren't found anywhere else.

strange rumor

If you already have discovered one of the Relics from "Shining Hill", "Treasure Legends", "A Mysterious Land of the East", or "The Lost City" through Treasure Hunt, the Port Official from your Nation's Home Base will warn you about a strange phenomenon. Rumor has it that Voyagers have seen long-lost ancient architectures and that many are experiencing unusual phenomena. Intrigued by these stories, you decide to visit the source of the rumor, a man in Alexandria called "Ibn”.


Ibn in Alexandria will ask for your help on investigating on the "Mysterious Map" he has with him. Find his cooperators in Cairo, Naples, and Tunis to gather information about the Map.


Entrance to the Seas of Wonders

When you collect information from the cooperators and report it to Ibn in Alexandria, the entrance to the "Seas of Wonders" will open somewhere in the East Mediterranean Sea. With this, it's time to sail your ship to where many Voyagers claim to have experienced strange phenomena!

Investigating the Seas of Wonders

When you finally reach the Seas of Wonders, you will see rotting buildings, crumbling statues, and mysterious objects there. By investigating these, you will have a chance to obtain rare Items or even progress to the deeper parts of the Seas of Wonders.

The following will not occur while sailing through the Seas of Wonders:
 · Consumption of Water/Food
 · Decrease of Equipment Durability

At Seas of Wonders, the Surveying Map will show places where there is a chance to obtain an Item with a treasure box icon, and places that will get you to proceed to the deeper parts with a star icon.

What awaits at the deepest part of the Seas of Wonder

Aim for the deepest part of the Seas of Wonders to understand what the past map holders were searching for!

 · There is a limit on the amount of time you can spend at the Seas of Wonders. Once it passes, you will automatically exit the Seas of Wonders.
 · You can always leave the Seas of Wonders by selecting the button "Withdraw from Sea of Wonders" located under the "Use Item" button.
 · Once you leave from the Seas of Wonders, you cannot re-enter it within 3 hours. You can check when you can re-enter by asking Ibn in Alexandria.

You can report your Discovery from the deepest part of the Seas of Wonders to Ibn. After your report, you will receive jobs to further investigate the Seas of Wonders. Also, once you make a report on your Discovery from the deepest part of the Seas of Wonders, you can trade a discovered Item with another Item through Ibn and use special Recipes.

Give "Paper Fragment with a Tower" to Ibn

If you investigate a certain object in the Seas of Wonders, there is a chance you'll obtain an Item called "Paper Fragment with a Tower." You can trade this with another Item by giving it to Ibn in Alexandria. You will receive one random item for each "Paper Fragment with a Tower" you trade.

Here are some Character Equipment Items you can obtain by trading

Produce rare Ship Parts!

You also have a chance to obtain Items other than "Paper Fragment with a Tower" from the objects in the Seas of Wonders. It's possible to Produce special Ship Parts using those Items as Materials.

In order to use these Recipes, you must have reported the Discovery of a certain object from the Seas of Wonders.
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New Ships, Aide Captain at Your Side, and Level Cap Increased!

The new Episode "Lost Memories" has new gameplay features including Aide Captain's ability to join Land Battles, Level cap increase from 85 to 87 and of course new Ships and Quests!

There are now changes to the maximum amount of Ducats you can deposit at the Bank and the amount you can invest in a city/town.

· Maximum Amount of Ducats that can be deposited at the Bank:
 1 billion Ducats > 2 billion Ducats

· Maximum Amount of Ducats that can be invested per Character per City/Town:
 200 billion Ducats > 300 billion Ducats

Your Aide Captain will now play a bigger role and will fight by your side on Land and in Dungeon! After you appoint an Aide to be your Aide Captain, they can participate in Land Battles if the "Join Battle" is enabled.

The "Join Battle" option can be found at: "Character" > "Change Aide Duties"

You can take them not just to the Seas but also to Lands and Dungeons!

join battles

In addition to Sea Battles, Aide Captains will now be able to participate in Land Battles!

Once the Land Battle begins, your Aide will automatically attack the enemies as well as occasionally use their Battle and Recovery Skills to support you. Some Aides may even learn Skills useful when exploring in Dungeons. Also, even when a Fleet is formed, each Member can make their Aides participate in Land Battle.

· No Ducats or Items will be consumed in order for your Aide Captain to participate in Land Battles.
· Only Aide Captains can follow your Character and participate in Land Battles.
· Aide Captains cannot join Battles partway. Make sure to enable "Join Battle" beforehand in order for them to participate in the Battles.
· Aide Captains can only participate in Battles that take place on Land and Ship Decks, and in Dungeons and salvaged Shipwrecks. They cannot participate in Battles at Coliseum or in Duels.

The Aide Captain's Stamina, Attack Power and Defense Power are determined by their Adventure, Trade and Battle Levels. Additionally, by continuously fighting Land Battles and gaining Land Battle EXP, their Attack Power and Defense Power will increase even further.

Land Battle capabilities will increase by gaining Land Battle EXP!

Depending on the difference of Level between the Aide Captain and the enemies, it's possible Land Battle EXP cannot be received.

The maximum Level of each Job (Adventure, Trade, and Battle) has increased from 85 to 87! With that, there will also be new Jobs and Titles.

Talk to Alias in Frankfurt to uncap your Level limit!


After you uncap the Level limit to 85 and your Level reaches 80 or higher,
go to your Home Nation's Port in order to uncap your Level limit to 87.

A Level uncapping event occurs per Job Level. You will need to do the same action for each Job Level once all the requirements are met.
new job

With the arrival of the Level cap increase, a new Job has been introduced for each Job Type. You will need to complete a special Quest to gain a Certificate that you can use to change into each of these Jobs.

A new Title has been introduced for each Job Type.

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