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Welcome Papaya Package

Dec 23, 2017 10,473

Welcome, Captains, to the relaunch of Uncharted Waters Online on Papaya Play! Every new (non-Founders) account created during the relaunch period will receive a special Welcome Package containing helpful booster items to help begin the Uncharted Waters Online journey as smoothly as possible:

Seal of the Great Pirates (x3) (Untradeable) – Each Seal includes:

       - Thunder God's Charm (x10) – Skill Proficiency gained increases by 50% for an hour. (Untradeable)
       - Sea God's Charm (x10) – EXP gained increases by 50% for an hour. (Untradeable)
       - Flame God's Charm (x10) – Fame gained increases by 50% for an hour. (Untradeable)
       - Wind God's Pendant (x30) – Ship speed increases by 50% for an hour. (Untradeable)

      Event Duration:
      October 18 ~ January 31 PST

How to Redeem:

1.    Create a Papaya Play account, and create a new character in the Papaya Play UWO Client.
2.    In your starting city, you will find yourself in a guild. Talk to the Guild Master. Then, you will be automatically teleported to the Voyager Academy. After this point, you will be able to walk around the city freely. (You may also enroll in your preferred course at the Academy.)
3.    To find the bank, leave the Academy building. Click the small map at the bottom right of your screen to enlarge it.
4.    Click the Bank icon on the map and your character will automatically start heading to the Bank.
5.    Talk to the Bank Clerk at the Bank and click on “Receive Item”.
6.    Choose the item(s) you wish to receive in your Character Inventory.
7.    Click “Character” button and then “Inventory” button, so that you can check your items sent from the Bank.
8.    To use an item, click on “Use Item” button, which looks like a chest, located at the top right of the screen.


-    Legacy Accounts are not eligible to receive the Welcome Package.
-    Only new characters created between Oct. 18 ~ Jan. 31 will receive the Welcome Package.


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