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Currently Confirmed Bugs & Fixed Bugs

Jan 24, 2024 16,196


Ahoy Captains,




To keep our players informed about both confirmed and fixed bugs, our progress is listed below:




[Updated on January 23rd, 2024]








【Currently Confirmed Bugs】


There are currently no bugs.










● Drop items from the Smugglers/Outlaws Fleets

The newly added Smugglers/Outlaws Fleets wouldn't drop any reward items upon defeat.

[STATUSThis issue was fixed on January 23rd, 2024.

* Users who did not receive the reward items before the issue was fixed will have them sent to the Bank on or shortly after January 23rd, 2024.






● Effect of the Repair Support Optional Skill


The Repair Support Optional Skill is designed to increase the rank of the Repair Skill on your character by 5. However, it currently has an upper limit of 20, and it's fixed, meaning that if your Repair Skill rank is 21 or higher, the Repair Support Optional Skill will force the rank down to 20. As a result, your Repair Skill will lose its rank, and the effect will be less effective.


[STATUSThis issue was fixed on January 17th, 2024.






● Update on the Ship: Elite Gran Fluyt 


The amount of the required sailors for Elite Gran Fluyt will be adjusted from 60 to 32 along with the next content update scheduled for early 2024.


With this, the start range of cabin size refitting at Shipwright will be updated from the current 72 to 38.


[STATUSThis issue was fixed on January 17th, 2024.






● Effects of Ship Rebuild Success Rate Increase Items


Regarding the following items that increase the success rate of Ship Rebuild, their effects will be halved when used for a Grade 6 Ship or higher:


- Special Ship Refitting Techniques


- Ship Refitting Handbook


- Ship Refitting Instruction


- Ship Refitting Guide


[STATUS] The issue was fixed on October 11, 2023






● Roman Coins


The limit of Roman Coins a Character can carry has increased to 65,000 along with Seven Wonders Chapter 3.9. However, once the balance exceeds 65,000, it will be reduced to a random number.


[STATUS] The issue was fixed on August 30, 2023






● Land Battle Tecunique Aqua Veil


There is a bug when you use the Land Battle Tecunique Aqua Veil, the effect does not work on your allies.


[STATUS] The issue was fixed on April 26, 2023





【Currently Under Watch】




● Reloading When Battling Against Jang Bog


There is a potential bug where your ship may not reload the cannons after respawning and re-engaging in battle with George Washington's first subordinate fleet and Jang Bogo's first subordinate fleet.


[STATUSThe developers are currently unable to recreate it at this time. Please keep us posted regarding this potential issue.










We thank you for your kind understanding.




Team Uncharted Waters






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