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Currently Confirmed Bugs & Fixed Bugs

Sep 13, 2023 14,763


Ahoy Captains,


In order to inform our players about bugs both confirmed and fixed, our progress will be listed below. 

[Updated on September12th, 2023]


【Currently Confirmed Bugs】


● Regarding the following items that increase the success rate of Ship Rebuild, their effects will be halved when used for a Grade 6 Ship or higher:

- Special Ship Refitting Techniques

- Ship Refitting Handbook

- Ship Refitting Instruction

- Ship Refitting Guide

[STATUS] We are communicating with the game developers to respond to this situation at the moment.



● There is a potential bug where your ship may not reload the cannons after respawning and re-engaging in battle with George Washington's first subordinate fleet and Jang Bogo's first subordinate fleet.

[STATUS] Our game developers are currently looking into this issue.



● There is a bug when you use the Land Battle Tecunique Aqua Veil, the effect does not work on your allies.

[STATUS] The issue will be fixed soon.





● The limit of Roman Coins a Character can carry has increased to 65,000 along with Seven Wonders Chapter 3.9. However, once the balance exceeds 65,000, it will be reduced to a random number.


[STATUS] The issue was fixed on August 30, 2023





We thank you for your kind understanding.

- Team Uncharted Waters


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