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Cultural Investment Guide

May 29, 2020 4,439

To develop shipbuilding technologies, Prince Henrique of Sagres is providing investment support to many shipbuilders in other Cultural Areas. The major purpose of the "Cultural Investment" is to help with his plan to bring back each Cultural Area's shipbuilding technologies!

* Cultural Investment is held irregularly. Event information will be shared in the game.

When the Cultural Investment period begins, Prince Henrique will ask for investment supporters. Visit him in Sagres to accept his request.

To begin the Cultural Investment, receive the request from Prince Henrique.

Once you accept the request, go to one of the target Cities and make an investment.  Sometimes there are several target Cities, but you can make Cultural Investments to only one of them. To make an Cultural Investment, talk to City Official and select "Cultural Investment".

* The target Cultural Area and Cities change every time when Cultural Investment opens.

A regular investment will be made simultaneously with an Cultural Investment. Therefore, your total amount of regular investments will be also increased.

A unit of Cultural Investment is 300,000 Ducats. 

You can only make a Cultural Investment to the same City during the same Investment period.

Investment Reward

The reward you can receive from Prince Henrique based on your total Cultural Investment amount.

(Updated on November 26th , 2020)

Ranking Reward

The reward you can receive from Prince Henrique if you are ranked higher in each City's Cultural Investment Ranking.

* The Cultural Investment Ranking can be checked with the City Official under "Investment Status".

Cultural Investment Ticket

* The contents may vary depending on events.

Benefits are only in effect during the Rewarding Period. Production Recipes will be unavailable to use after the Rewarding Period.


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