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[RESULTS] Destination UWO Contest

Nov 17, 2020 946

The results have been decided and the prizes awarded. Winners and participants should receive their gifts within the next business day.

[[Get your prize under "Receive Item" at Bank]]

Thank you to everybody who sent in a screenshot and don't forget to check below to see the winners and our favorite entries.

1st Hawka

"The beautiful-like-heavens mythical Beech Blossom Spring"

2nd Galaxy

"That apple surely taste good!"

3rd CaliCaddy46

"Sometimes there is a path leading further in to the beauty and the attention to detail"

4th Alcedo

"Sneak a break from busy work"

5th DeathDrakken

"Traversing the vast, treacherous Himalayas"

6th Khaleesi

"Kakadu, one of my favorite places to be at"

7th Diocletian

"El Dorado, the lost city of Gold, prize of adventurers"

8th MarcoS

"Tenochtitlan with my little guide showing me around"

9th Sailor1

"Unfortunately, there is no panda suit."

10th Fields

"Into a secret cave inside Siberia"


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