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Chapter 1.5 Celebratory Giveaway!

May 12, 2021 1,691


The Frozen Leviathan has come and in celebration of this momentous occasion a special giveaway for almost every character is taking place.

Event Period: May 12th -> May 26th (Until Maintenance starts)

Special Gift: Voyager's Amulet (No. 4)

~How to Receive~

Find and talk to a Well-dressed Gentleman at a Tavern or Rest Area in any of the major cities. He is so full of joy over the arrival of the Frozen Leviathan he is giving out gifts to experienced sailors

(Over 50,000 Total Fame)

Although he only wants to give a single gift to each character that visits him, he will periodically forget and another gift can be gained by the same character with increasing requirements for each gift.

A gift can be received up to 4 times per character during the event period. The Well-dressed Gentleman will be imbibing celebratory drinks at the following times and will forget every character that approached him earlier on as long as they have the corresponding experience:

- 2:00 PM, May 16th - Over 55,000 Total Fame

- 2:00 PM, May 20th - Over 60,000 Total Fame

- 2:00 PM, May 23rd - Over 65,000 Total Fame


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