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Fabulous Tent of Events and Rewards

Aug 4, 2022 9,962


Come one, come all to the Fabulous Tent where the various GM events of the month and other important information is shared to the masses!


Updated: August 3rd, 2022



Current GM Events


GM Events are returning to UWO starting next week (June 25th)! Get ready for at least 2 events per week throughout July as well.





2 GM Events Per Week - Stay tuned to Discord and the Login message for specifics!





Between 9AM - 6PM PDT






Will be announced just before an event starts!




Event Rules


--------- Discord Screenshot Hunt ---------

As the event starts a Screenshot taken from somewhere in the UWO World will be posted to the Events section of the Official UWO Discord. Participating Captains must identify the location and head over there as quickly as possible by land or sea! Once you belive you have found where the screenshot was taken from you can then say something to get the invisible GM's attention. If you are close enough for the GM to hear your say message they will inform you of your victory through a tell message. Hints may be given in the Discord - Events section to help players along if neccessary. 



------------------ Code Cracker ------------------

Multiple Animals/Statues/NPC clues will be placed around a chosen city and players must travel to each and either note the object/animal or note a message associated with that object/animal which is being broadcast or told by a bazaar setup next to it. Once a Captain has seen each section of the code or each object/animal they can puzzle out the correct answer which they need to report to TentMaster, who is somewhere else in that city. Correct answers will be based on a association between the clue objects/animals, will require them to be shared in the correct order or the objects/animals will have some theme that the players have to discover. Each event will have a different type of puzzle to be solved, so stay tuned for hints before and during the event. 



------------------ Nautical Navigator ------------------

A GM with a secret name is roaming the wild ocean blue and Captains must track them down and get close enough to see their ship. In order to win the prize, Captains must send a certain type of information revealed at the beginning of the search to that GM in a Tell message. The first person to find them and report that information correctly wins! The direction and location of the GM's Ship will be shared through hints as the event runs. The final destination for the GM will either be shared beforehand or become clear as the event continues. If nobody is successful after a certain period of time they will lower their sails at that location and wait until someone can claim the prize.



------------------- Hidden Harlequin ------------------

Crafty Harlequin is hiding somewhere in a city announced shortly before the event begins and Captains have to be the first to hunt her down if they desire to win the prize. Harlequin may hide multiple times per event day and will have a bazaar open with the prize being sold at at a value of 1 Ducat (Be sure to bring at least this amount in order to claim your prize). Her hiding places may be inside of buildings, behind statues or any other valid area in the city. In certain circumstances Captains will also have to chase Harlequin once found and occasionally there may be decoy Harlequins to add some additional fun and randomness to the event. Watch out for that bait!



----------------------- GM Bingo -----------------------

The GM will roll a 26-sided die and call out the corresponding letter in a Red Message. The first X letters in your character name will be used as your Bingo Card. When all X letters on your Bingo Card have been matched with any of the letters called out, send the hosting GM a private message to inform them of your success! ("Bingo!" Ya know?)


*& More to Come!*



Quest Rewards


Weekly Bonus Reward:

Large Ship Blueprint x5


Monthly Bonus Reward:

Master's Ship Material Purchase Order (No.1) x1



Next Update:

October 12th, 2022



Astronomical Discovery Rewards


5 Discoveries:

Silver Tarot x5


8 discoveries:

Special Auto Navigation Permit x2


Next Update:

October 12th, 2022


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