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Fabulous Tent of Events and Rewards

Jun 9, 2021 1,620

Come one, come all to the Fabulous Tent where the various GM events of the month and other important information is shared to the masses!

Updated: June 9th, 2021

GM Events

GM Bingo - 5 Letter


Friday, May 21st

Tuesday, May 25th + Thursday, May 27th

Monday, May 31st + Wednesday, June 2nd + Friday, June 4th

Tuesday, June 8th + Thursday, June 10th

Monday, June 14th


Random Time between 11AM - 6PM (PDT) for each day

Lasts for 30 mins or 5 winners


1st Place: 2 x 100 Million Ducat Check

2nd-5th Place: 1 x 100 Million Ducat Check

Event Rules

GM Bingo ---------------------------------------------------

The GM will roll a 26-sided die and call out the corresponding letter in a Red Message. The first X letters in your character name will be used as your Bingo Card. When all X letters on your Bingo Card have been matched with any of the letters called out, send the hosting GM a private message to inform them of your success! ("Bingo!" Ya know?)

  • Skip any non-letters in the character name such as numbers and special characters.
  • If you do not have X letters or more then the letters will repeat on your Bingo Card until you have X letters.
  • Capitals and lowercase letters are equal in this game.
  • The higher number of letters required the bigger the prizes will be.
  • (ie. X is 5, IGN is "Pa12_Y" => paypa) 'p' and 'a' must be matched twice but 'y' only once)
  • Only one win per player per game.
  • Only characters created before the event starts are eligible to win.
  • Ties are sorted by the first victory message to register on the GM's console.
  • Calling "Bingo!" early more than once will result in disqualification. Check your win before calling it in!

*& More to Come!*

Quest Rewards

Weekly Bonus Reward:

Sailor Equip. Maintenance Book (Beginner) x 3

Monthly Bonus Reward:

Sailor Equip. Maintenance Book (Basic) x 2

Next Update:

August 4th, 2021

Astronomical Discovery Rewards

5 Discoveries:

Premium Ticket x 2

8 discoveries:

Premium Ticket x 5

Next Update:

August 4th, 2021


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