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Fashion Flash Competition Results

Sep 9, 2021 521

The Results are in and the winners have been decided!

An astounding amount of Captains sent in entries to this event making it incredibly difficult to pick out winners who were best for each of the prizes. There were 62 entries total and it is important to remember that a focus on the equipment or clothing the characters were wearing was an important part of the selection process.

Since it was so difficult to pick, the Honorable Mentions category has been doubled to 6 in order to commemorate a greater amount of the excellent fashionable screenshots we received.

  • Please note all prizes will be awarded over the next 48 Hours. For prizes that require a player's choice please reply to the email that will be sent to your primary email account or send in a support ticket with the IGN of the winning player and your choice of prize.

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Without further ado the winners can be seen below!!!

1st - Rireal (with Axllyne)

Guam, a beautiful island surrounded by multiple smaller islands, providing a magnificent sea view. The local population, with their warm welcoming, make it an excellent romantic getaway. 

The Black & White theme, presented by their outfits, is very symbolic. The clothes, while of simple fabric, represents the acceptance of each one for the other, as their clothes contrast with their wings and halos. 

The contrasting colors can be surprising, as often similar colors are believed to achieve a good fashion look. However, the color contrast can definitely look even more beautiful as shown by both angels. Just as in clothes, contrasting personalities can sometimes be the best match.

The shining light coming from behind the mountains signals the faraway, yet bright, future ahead.


2nd - Fafnir

On our recent relic hunting expedition to Thanjavur, we encountered a gang of armed guards lurking in the tall grass prohibiting us from entering the big temple, Brihadishvara. They called themselves the Ranjeet gang, which translates to "victorious in battle." We didn't want any trouble, so instead of resorting to violence and fighting them off, we decided to put on an impromptu fashion show as a diversion...

Enver, my admiral's aide, (the guy with the pumpkin on his head) emceed for us as he was fluent in the Indian languages of the area...

Enver: "Good evening friends! Have we got a show for you! First up, the legendary monster himself, Fafnir! Check out his elegant style, pairing his exquisite monster hat with an imperial mantle, he's equipped with ferocious clawed grieves and gauntlets, and wields a beautiful ruby studded espee rapiere!"

"Next up we have his aide Sarah, looking mean and serene in green, decked out in a mix of Cretan and Babylonian finery!"

"and now here's Ferny in her adorable dark rabbit cosplay!"

Ferny (who was also fluent in the Indian languages of the area, unlike the rest of our group) :

"HEY! I'ma REAL Bunny!"

Enver: "Yes... yes, you are. Uh notice how her peascod-bellied doublet accentuates her rabbitty cuteness! But don't underestimate her folks, that ceremonial sword of hers is NOT for decoration!"

Ferny: "It is SO! It's for decorating the earth with the BLOOD of MY ENEMIES!"

Enver: "Shhh Ferny we don't want to upset these nice people now..."

"Here's Ferny's main aide, my good friend Gunther! Rocking a ringlet wig and beautiful Deluxe Inca tunic!

Ferny:"Yay! I gave him that outfit for his birthday!"

Enver: "Moving on... to the dashing man in black, our Admiral DD who dons a worn out sombrero and simple western garb. It's simply amazing!"

"Last but not least... It is I, Enver! In my pumpkin hat! I woke up with a really bad headache one night at a tavern to find this thing smashed over my head. I haven't quite been able to get it off since... well I don't really want to as it happens, I've grown quite fond of it."

"Aha so there you have it! And so ends our wonderful fashion show! Fare thee well!"

While we were confusing and distracting the Ranjeet gang with our eclectic style, another team from our company stealthily infiltrated the temple. We returned home with quite a nice haul of jewels, paintings, gold coins, statues and other valuable treasures, most of which will be on display in the Queen's Museum.


3rd - Astraea

When I was a little girl around 8 or 9 yrs old, my mother asked to get my dad for dinner. When I found him he was in the backyard looking up at the sky. In my curiosity I forgot my message to him but instead asked "What are you looking at dad?" With a smile he replied "I am looking at ghosts", I of course was terrified of ghosts, and was about to make a run back inside the house. Before I could make my getaway, he asked me not to be scared and just look up and tell him what I saw. I looked up for a few seconds and said "I don't see anything, just the moon, few clouds and a lot of stars." He of course was smiling and enjoying my moment of confusion and said "You see, those stars are the ghosts, come here and I and I will show you." I went there still confused with what he said, I remember thinking to myself, can a star be a ghost or is my dad trying to scare me. What he thought me has been a part of me ever since, and easily 1 of my best memories growing up.

"Those stars up there are 1000s or even millions of miles away. Their light has travelled for a very long time to reach us. If they are million light years away, you are looking at what the star looked million years ago. Some of these stars we are looking at might not even be there. Every person that ever lived has looked up and saw the same night sky you and I are looking at. So remember my little angel, everyone who ever looked up is connected for a moment in time. When your feel lonely just look up and maybe for a moment you wont be alone."

He did start to teach me what some of those stars are, but my mother came out looking for us. This was the start of my love for astronomy.

Even after soo many years, every time I look up I remember this event and always managed to bring a smile to my face. 

My outfits

Far right: Red/black dress with a kitty backpack with a flower represent my childhood.

Center: Yellow dress and crown represent the woman I have become.

Far left: Blue dress with wings represent my curiosity to reach the stars.  


Best Catwalk - AdrianTepes

The Spanish expedition has just reached the Incan border. Our frigate with large billowing sails and avant-garde fashion seem to have convinced the Incan natives that we are emissaries from their gods. Despite the language barrier, they treated us warmly and invited us to their pyramid-palace for a welcome feast.

To make a good impression on our hosts, I wore my best orange plaited gown flanked with a ermine lined half robe. A white fur collar with a garnet brooch and commodore hat further enhanced my appeal. At the celebrations, I decided to do a dance to break the ice. I must have cut a dashing figure as I twisted and turned flawlessly in my best cloths.

Our hosts and my men laughed and drunk like friends that night, bringing our two cultures closer.


Most Stylish - AddiiAddy

Here in the palace of St. Petersburg people sail from miles around to see the latest Winter fashion trends, how else are you going to keep warm in the winter months?

This Winter it is all about high hats and long coats. Forget the high fashion of Florence or the elegant clothes of Asia, they wont keep you warm when it's cold out. Yes they may look nice and have better stats but how you going to avoid the icebergs when you become an iceberg yourself?

So get out your Boyarka and Kaftan and walk, walk turn and pose in the latest Russia Winter fashion trends!!

Disclosure*No animals were hurt in the making of these clothes, but a lot vodka was drank*


Honorable Mention - Ariesong

The year is 1605. I am a young daimyo (warlord) paying homage to my liege overlord, the Shogun in the capital.

The strict code of Samurai requires impeccable attire and manners in deference to the Shogun. 

My regalia comprise of the latest innovation - Portuguese chest plate paired with a stylish maroon Jinbaori (sleeveless jacket) ,inlayed with exquisite nishiJin brocade. The crimson Maedate (Helmet crest) is enameled with tortoiseshell and festooned with an golden Buddhist inscription invoking divine protection. Each piece is like sheer lightness, you feel the regalia blending into your being and every contour like a vivid halo. One can only marvel at the intricate craftmanship by the artisans, the epitome of style and utility. As their patron, I was honored to showcase their masterpieces- Edo will be my stage!

Before our pageantry to Edo castle, there were endless crowds of peasants and merchants gawking in admiration. They were discussing how the new fabrics and designs could be used in their daily lives. In a way, we daimyos are the trendsetters at the cutting edge of fashion!

The scent of cherry blossoms permeated the air whilst we traverse the picturesque streets and bridges of the capital. The chill of spring was still palpable as the bronze bells of Sensoji Temple tolled from a distance. Sensing the multitude of adoring gazes on my regalia, i waved back in polite appreciation. As the magnificent edifice of Edo Castle looms, I fought hard to retain my composure as euphoria flooded my entire being.

Strangely, I also felt an inexplicable tinge of sadness. Life is but a fleeting dream- power and splendor will eventually fade like cherry blossoms. However, the image of the ascent to Edo Castle in my prized Jinbaori & Maedate will be etched forever in my mind .


Honorable Mention - Lyd

Dresses of this elegance and beauty are very hard to come by, so when I had the opportunity to buy a dress as extravagant as this one, I had to purchase it. But I couldn't go so far as to just have it delivered to me, I needed to make the voyage to the to experience the place where this fabulous dress was carefully fashioned.

My voyage took me from my hometown in London all the way to the hidden Peach Blossom Spring village in the outskirts of Chongqing. I spent 60 days at sea, eagerly awaiting the arrival and completion of this dress, that when I finally arrived, it was even better than I imagined.

The only way to describe said experience is to begin with the colorful nature before entering the village. The pink Peach Blossom trees surrounded the village for miles, while the white flowers lined the single path through the village. The village was so peaceful and quaint that its as if I could feel my mind just relax just at the sights and smells of it.

After finally receiving my dress from the master tailor in the village, I couldn't believe how vibrant the colors were. The deep red contrasted excellently with the gold and bright white. When walking out with it on, I felt like I was in heaven because it was as comfortable as it was appealing. I continued my exploration and stopped and stared in awe at the beautiful Peach Blossom next to the building housing a famous Chinese general from their village and had my portrait painted in front of them.

Though I had to make the return journey home, this dress will always serve as one of my fondest memories of the adventure and the prize at the end of it all. I went out expecting only the dress, and I came back with the experience of a lifetime in a foreign country...(and the dress of course!)


Honorable Mention - Thomas_PK

My toons are growing and I am still here on this maris!

This is the city, Seville where I think of my hometown on this maris. I have been living in this international server for about 4 years and I would take some screen shot here whenever I changed my toons' outfits every summer. My country has 4 beautiful seasons, so I enjoyed putting costumes on my toons according to the season in real life.

The image of this year is the 3rd summer season since I began to take screen shots 3 years ago. I stared at them slowly and got mixed feelings. The toons of the 1st year looked boys and a girl which have many dreams to come true. They seemed to reflect my childlike mind. haha

But the toons of the 2nd year looked a little bit different, cause they have experienced many things and chosen several difficult things to do in game. And I, the master of these 3 toons decided to do the things which I have not done in real life such as wearing outfits with a lot of exposures. lol So I used to put my toons on the spot by forcing them getting dressed too frequently. >.<

Now my toons are standing their back to the dusk in Seville port, with wearing tidy summer costumes which all I plundered from NPC or crafted last year. They all look growing to my eyes. They are still living here. hehe

The famous German philosopher, Hegel told like this.

"The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the coming of the dusk."

As always, my toons will meet many good game mates, get helpful advices/info from them. Of course they might face to the hard time solving the problem however, I hope my 3 toons have this owl's wings in the dusk.


Honorable Mention - Ellectrika

The Queen of England is one of beauty, elegance, class and style. Her subject adore her with her high class fashion made from the finest silks and designed by the worlds most famous tailors. A Crown of diamonds that it sparkles up the room and Jewellery made from the rarest of rubies.

All she ask when you are in her presence is that you wear garments that will have her loyal subjects gasp in awe at what they see.

Meeting the Queen is a honour and should be taken seriously but for them unfortunate souls like the one in the picture who arrive in rags will never get to see fashion again as the queen cannot stand such an awful sight in front of her and will shout out "That's not fashion. Guards of with his HEAD!"

So if you get called to the palace to have audience with her Majesty make sure you are dressed to impressed because as you walk down to the thrown she will have already decided if you are keeping or losing your head.


Honorable Mention - Mictlantecutli

Talk about a fish out of water! I came from Peru one day and boy oh boy was I enthralled to see the many factory towns of Europe. I arrived on the continent quite by accident as my ship was tossed about in a storm, and the first thing I remember was seeing buildings with black smoke coming out of pipes and holes on the top. In fact a most memorable time was when I visited one of these towns, I think was an industrial town near the land of Espanya and as soon as I got off my ship everyone became excited and ran...AWAY!

However a gentleman with a strange box device told me to stand still so he could "shoot" me. As you can see in this picture I dared not move for I did not want to be "Shot". But anyway, the gentleman showed me and gave me the picture for me to remember my trip into modernity.

To this day, I still wonder why they run away from me when I disembark, I always wear my level best clothes befitting a warrior of my tribe, maybe because I have not washed my loincloth in ages?


Honorable Mention - Jeromial

Jero is attired in Highlander Suit and shaman sword amidst the backdrop of the Callanish Standing Stones.

Like the Stones which stand eternal, the Kilt is a timeless classic as part of proud Scottish manhood and heritage.

The shaman sword is a potent emblem of the warlike nature and religion of his ancient race.

Ode to my Kilt:

I am truly a Scotsman, bonniest in my clan,

Flaxen hair ablaze, azure eyes amaze,

Shirt of golden fleece, cape as forest breeze,

Kilt in tartan green, hilt with deadly sheen,

From the finest pelt, dapper boots and belt,

A really good catch, if the colors match,

And even more so, if I go commando,

As many fair lasses have asked incognito,

Who’s that Scotsman handsome and well built?

I wonder if it’s true he don’t wear beneath the kilt!



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