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New Ships and Skills

May 9, 2024 14,727





Ship skills are one of the important elements in Uncharted Waters Online.


This post is a guide to Shipbuilding, ships that have been introduced to players, and all Ship Skills of each ship.








There are two basic kinds of ship skills:




[Optional Ship Skills]


Skill sets are unique to each ship. Optional Skills come from modifying ships (which requires 'Special Shipbuilding Improvement Permits') with the correct combination of parts required for that particular skill. If a ship is capable of receiving a skill, and the correct parts for that skill are applied, then the ship will get the skill. Optional skills show up to the right of the number of mods on the Ship Information screen.




[Original Ship Skills]


Skill sets are determined by ship size and ship class (rowing vs. non-rowing). Original Skills (which require Original Ship Permits) also require a correct combination of parts. The parts applied do not modify the ship stats. Original skills show up to the right of the Optional Skills on the Ship Information screen.








This list contains part combinations needed to acquire Optional Skills on ships obtained from Captain's tickets. To obtain a skill from the list, follow the directions below:




1) Speak to a Shipyard Master. You must have invested an ample amount in the city to modify ships there (usually 2-3 million Ducats are enough).


2) Select the 'Custom Shipbuilding' button.


3) Select the ship you wish to modify from the list, then click 'Next'.


4) Select ‘Ship Improvements’, ‘Add an Optional Skill’ or 'Add an Original Skill’ depending on what you wish to do and click ‘Next’.


5) Select the parts for the skill you wish to add to your ship, carefully matching the ship name and skill name from the list. When finished, double check for accuracy then click "Next".


6) Set the Cargo range of your ship. Lower values make ships faster with less Cargo, while higher values make ships slower with more Cargo. Exceeding the "No-penalty Range" on either end will result in a penalty to Sails, Wave Resistance, and Rowing (if applicable). Click "Next".


7) Enter a name for your ship and click "OK" to finish it. You must sail the number of days specified by the shipyard master, and then you may pick it up at any shipyard master. Alternatively, you may purchase an ‘Emergency Shipbuilding Request’ from the UWC shop or from players in game to immediately pick up your ship without having to wait at sea.






Papaya Play is not responsible for shipbuilding user errors or failed ship skills. While every skill listed on this list is believed to be correct according to information from KOEI TECMO Games (the UWO developer), we cannot ensure the accuracy of every player's interpretation of this list.


Players with questions about shipbuilding are encouraged to seek advice from experienced shipbuilders prior to modding valuable ships from Captain's Tickets.






Here is the list of all ships and ship skill lists. The list will be updated when new ships are introduced to players.


*Ships are sorted in alphabetical order.


*Use the Search Function (Ctrl+F) on your browser in order to find the ship that you are looking for.





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