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Sunken Shipwreck Search - Results!

May 30, 2023 850




 The Sunken Shipwreck Search Results are in! 



Now we announce our Prize Winners for the Shipwreck Competition!

Thank you to all Captains who participated in this event!



*Winners will find prizes under the "Receive Item" at the Bank, within 3 business days.

*For 1st-3rd and 77th prize Winners, please contact us by sending in a Support Ticket using the account with the winning character to choose which ship you would like as your prize.


For a recap of the Sunken Shipwreck Search Rules and Details, click here!




And finally, the 5 Lucky winners!

- Beomi

- frip

- Lugubrious

- Maggo

- AllSouls


Congratulations to all winners!



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