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Research human heritage, also known as our "Legacy,"
including the Seven Wonders of the World.

This research, which will greatly influence future generations,
requires a different approach from your usual adventures.
One of these Seven Wonders of the World is the Pyramid of Giza. It has been weathered from the ravages of time, so its original appearance is a mystery.
Receive the "Book of Wisdom" to start Legacy Research

Before you can begin your search for the Legacy, you must obtain an
essential item, the "Book of Wisdom."

The "Book of Wisdom" has mysterious powers, and has been watching
humanity since ages past.

This book has been hidden in someone's secret archives for many years
but now it can be passed on to you.

One day, thanks to a past acquaintance, a Tavern Barkeep
hands you the 'Book of Wisdom.'
Obtaining Legacy Themes

Just having the "Book of Wisdom"doesn't mean you can immediately
begin research for the Legacy.

You must find the guidance necessary to perform further
research on your own.

This guidance is known as a "Legacy Theme."

You can obtain Legacy Themes by finding specific discoveries
throughout the world.

* In the Chapter 1 of Seven Wonders, 2 Legacy Themes are available for discovery.

Making a certain discovery is the first step to completing Legacy research.
Try making various types of discoveries.
Searching for Legacy Clues

After obtaining a Legacy Theme, you can now begin researching
the corresponding Legacy.

This research begins with getting a piece of knowledge
known as a "Legacy Clue."

Legacy Clues can be obtained by performing certain actions.
Examples of these actions can be seen below:

ACTIONS Entering an Area Conversation with NPCs Purchasing Items Performing a Production Skill Defeating an Enemy
Results Receive a clue when entering certain
areas around the world.
Receive a clue after talking with specific NPC's
who aid in your quest.
Receive a clue after purchasing a certain
item from an NPC.
* Cannot be gained after purchasing or obtaining items from PC's"
Receive a clue after performing the correct
production skill.
* The location this is performed may be a factor
Receive a clue after defeating an NPC in a land or
sea battle.
* Legacy Clues can be obtained through other courses of action as well. Try performing actions that have
some relation to the Legacy Theme you are currently researching.
Confirming the Legacy You Pursue

After obtaining a certain amount of Legacy Clues and gaining
enough knowledge from the "Book of Wisdom,"
you will be able to take a new step in your Legacy research.

Select 7 Legacy Clues, and you will be able to "Get Prophecy."

By Getting a Prophecy, you will gain a surge of inspiration
through the combined knowledge in the "Book of Wisdom"
and it will guide you to a particular Legacy.

* Each of the seven question marks on the Legacy Theme page corresponds with a separate Legacy.

When you can conduct "Get Prophecy", seven question marks will begin to flash.
This seems to suggest which Legacy you will likely be guided to.
Discover the Legacy!

Now that the Legacy is confirmed, The "Book of Wisdom" emanates
its power and grants you a new ability!

When in this state you will be able to use the Skill, "Book of Wisdom."

Once activated, the Book of Wisdom will guide you to the Legacy. Use the Skill once again after you reach the place indicated by the Book to finally discover the Legacy.

Upon the discovery, you will be able to obtain items related to this Legacy and the "Book of Wisdom" will accumulate knowledge in the form of "Sophia."

When the appropriate amount of "Sophia" is obtained it will enable you to make "Further Discoveries" by spending this accumulated knowledge.

By the power of the "Book of Wisdom", a pillar of light has appeared.
Is there a Legacy hidden here!?
Special Legacies and Areas

Some Legacies are particularly powerful. Upon discovering one of these special Legacies, you will be able to visit a special area temporarily.

In this area, you can use the Search Skill just like you would on Land. Look for spots that stand out and use the skill there. You might be able to find valuable Items.

* The special area can be revisited by making the same Legacy discovery again.
* You have a chance of obtaining a valuable Item once per spot per visit to the area

Legacy Hunt Supporter, "Mina"

Mina from "Wonder Seekers" will appear as an inspiring supporter. She provides you with help in your search for the Legacies.

Everyday, she will appear in a different Tavern or Rest House in one of the towns including:
Seville, Lisbon, Venice, Marseille, Amsterdam, London, Naples, Genoa, Tunis, Stockholm, Athens, Alexandria or Istanbul.

* To use Mina's support, you must have completed the Episode "Wonder Seekers."
* Mina will only appear if you have begun your search for a Legacy Theme
and have unobtained Legacy Clues.
* A hint is given once per day. (Server Time)
* For each Legacy Clue, there are several hints. Ask Mina several times
and combine all the information given.

Gain a surge of inspiration and make new discoveries
through the power of Sophia, accumulated in the "Book of Wisdom"!
Further Research on Discoveries

With the Sophia that was previously stockpiled in the "Book of Wisdom",
you can investigate a subspecies or a new facet of discoveries you have already made.

If you meet the conditions for several existing discoveries,
you will be able to perform "Sophia Research" on them in order
to receive "Further Research Quests."

* Some amount of Sophia will be consumed when receiving "Further Research Quests."

New Transmutation Type

The new Transmutation Alchemy Type "Sophia Awakening," can now
be learned. Using the accumulated Sophia in the "Book of Wisdom",

Once you meet certain conditions, you will gain a revelation through
the "Book of Wisdom" and be able to use "Sophia Awakening."

* Performing Sophia Awakening will consume some of the available Sophia held in the book of wisdom.

Change the form of a variety of Items by using "Sophia Awakening"!"
Sailor Equipment is a new category of Equipment exclusively for
your Sailors.

Up to three Sailor Equipment Items can be equipped at one time. It can
increase the capabilities of Ship's Vertical Sails, Horizontal Sails,
Turn Speed, Wave Resistance and Armour.

* Please note it may weaken other capabilities.
Sailor Equipment can be obtained in many ways depending on the type.

See the three new ship types that will be added to the world:

Improvements have been made to the Aide Fleet and Company
Competitions. The Aide Fleet is organized by a Company and sent to
different parts of the world in order to make Contributions.
Addition of Rare Event

Some of the events that occur during Activities can become
a rare event at a fixed rate.

When you succeed in a rare event, the Items you can receive under
"Activity Report" will change.

Ship Decor, Acanthus: Many other Items can also be acquired as rewards from a rare event!
Improvement in Company Competition

Rules for the outcomes of Company Competitions during
Activities have been adjusted.

Even if your Company's Aide Fleet capabilities are weak,
you now have a chance to win against Companies with higher
capabilities at a fixed rate.

Change to Selection Rates of
Fish Trade Goods

Fish Trade Goods have been adjusted so that it's less likely to be selected
as a Rare Trade Good.

With this, you can obtain Trade Goods more strategically and beginners
who haven't gone out into the open seas have a greater chance to deal in
Rare Trade Goods and earn more.

New Rare Trade Goods

New Trade Goods have been added as candidates for Rare Trade Goods.

Additionally, Trade Goods available at Markets are now also candidates for
Rare Trade Goods, making it easier to win big.

* There is a possibility that Local Specialties can become Rare Trade Goods now. However, If the Cultural Area
where you obtain Local Specialties is too close to the Cultural Area where you sell them, they will not be
accepted as Rare Trade Goods and will be traded at the regular price instead.

* The further away the Cultural Area where you obtain Local Specialties from the Cultural Area where you sell
them, the higher the sale price of these Rare Trade Goods will be.

Macadamia Nuts from the Oceania Cultural Area have become Rare Trade Goods
and are skyrocketing in price!
Finally, collect and inspire with new equipment that has been added to the world, some of which is shown below:
The Emergency Ganador Mission is the next level of Ganador battle.
Defeat Ganadors while under special limitations and receive
"Ganador Coins" which can be exchanged for rewards.
Participating in Emergency
Ganador Missions


Select "Plan Mission" after choosing "Emergency Ganador Mission"
or join one that has already been planned.

In Emergency Ganador Missions, you will be under incredible
stress due to enemy Sabotage. This results in not being able to
use a certain Skill or Item, or having weakened canon attacks.

However, you will be able to use certain Boosts in order to counter
these nefarious actions.

* To begin a Mission, you will need Patriot Awards corresponding to the level of difficulty.

These hectic battles require you to receive both Sabotage and Boosts
at the same time.
Start the Battle

To start the battle, Begin the Mission and sail out of the Command Center.
From this point on, when battling the Ganador and their subordinates,
you will be vulnerable to their Sabotage.

You will see the Sabotage and Boosts you're currently receiving during the battle.
Trading Ganador Coin

When you successfully overcome the Ganador and/or their subordinates,
you gain "Ganador Coins" and trade them for special rewards under
"Reward Trading" at the Command Center's Spy.

Some rewards you can obtain using Ganador Coins have a limitation on how many times you can trade for them.
An example of possible winnings:
Emergency Ganador Mission Award (No.1). x1

Required Ganador Coins: 20,000

Randomly obtain one of the items inside:

Aide Land Battle Logbook x5 Original Ship Permit x2 Patriot Award x30 Ship Material Purchase Order (No.1) x1 Master's Ship Material Purchase Order (No.1) x1 Artistic Ship Parts Requisition x1 Amulet of the Sun x1 Master's Smithy Tools x4 Master's Tailoring Tools x4
Update on the Mission Details

The target Ganador, the types of Sabotage and Boosts, and
the possible rewards list will be updated regularly.

When the update occurs, Ganador Coins in your possession will
be reset to 0 as well, so remember to trade all of your Coins
for rewards before this occurs.

* The update occurs every 4 weeks. Check the messages before signing in for information related to this.

Coliseum battle has been improved with a new type of Mission where you can battle with your Aides.
You can receive the Mission under "Accept Mission of Joint Battle with Aide"
at Wallenstein.

If you win, you have a chance to obtain an exclusive treasure chest that
contains special Items.

* The Aide will need to be Aide Captain for them to participate in the Mission.
Fight bravely alongside your trained Aide!
Introduction to a variety of new quests to overcome
and discoveries to be unearthed

New quests with the theme of the "Seven Wonders." These involve an epic
search for the unknown. You must seek out fragments of folklore and
mysteries scattered around the world and put the pieces together to
reveal magnificent discoveries.

Maps are an indespensible item for seafarers but...?

Find ancient relics and historical sites waiting to be rooted out.

It's said that "Charlemagne's Ring" contains a strange power.
In addition, new enigmatic fokelore discoveries are ready to
be pieced together and fully realized.
It looks like a cocoon woven with golden threads...?
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