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New Legacy Themes and Pursuit Production
Explore 2 New Legacies based on "The Seven Wonders of the World", inviting intrepid voyagers on a historic adventure to the ends of the Earth!

In addition, industrious Captains can now produce unique items through the newly introduced "Pursuit Production"!
Obtain knowledge of a Category in order to perform "Pursuit Production" under "Use Skill"
Produce and cozy up by a Bonfire to gain benefits as a group!
Produce Chairs to sit down and relax where you choose!
Throughout Chapter 2, you will be able to make more than just Bonfires and Chairs through Pursuit Production.
See Part 2 for more details!
New Skill "Detonics"
Master the new Skill "Detonics" to surprise and destroy your enemies!
Armour Howitzer
Flare Howitzer
Shell Type Increases from Ranking Up
Armour-piercing Explosive
  • · The power and effect time of the explosions from the Shells will be increased.
  • · The number of explosions may increase if the effect time lasts long enough.
Fracturing Explosive
  • · The power and fracture spread from the Shells will be increased.
New Discoveries, Ships and More!
New Ships, Further Research Quests, Character Equipment and improved features!
Durability and Required Battle Level
  • Super Frigate
  • Neapolitan Galleass
  • Vanguard
  • Ottoman Galleass
  • Norske Love
  • Surprise
  • Satisfaction
  • First Class Vaisseau
  • Sovereign of the Seas
  • Adventure Galley
  • Santisima Trinidad
  • Soleil Royal
  • Victory
  • St. Lawrence
  • Ark Royal
  • Dauphin Royal
  • Heavy Assault Frigate
  • Renown
Sail Performance and Required Battle Level
La Mort Real
Battle Level
Stacked Turtle Ship Heavy Galleass Venetian Galleass
Crest Shared Storage +1 (New Limit: 8)
Ship Decor Shared Storage +5 (New Limit: 25)
Steps to Encounter Ancient Ganadors
  1. Complete Sea Region Investigation on the North Sea as requested by Mercator in Amsterdam.
  2. Complete the Quest, Legend of the Labyrinthos from the Venice Adventurers' Guild.
  3. Complete the Quest, Land of the Legendary King from an Adventurers' Guild in one of the following Cities:
    • · Stockholm (Required Discovery: None)
    • · Amsterdam (Required Discovery: Siberian Husky)
    • · London (Required Discovery: Xanadu)
  4. Complete the Quest, Egypt and Atlantis from the London Adventurers' Guild.
  5. Go back to your Home Nation.
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