Enlightened Login Event!

The Industrial Revolution Chapter 3: Age of Reason expansion is approaching fast on the horizon! This enlightened new update introduces the mighty Steamships, along with Job Specific Effects, Pet Support Skills, and more Quests and Discoveries to unravel. To prepare Captains for the release of this exciting new chapter, we are running the Enlightened Login Event and awarding items to help you start off strong when the new content arrives on February 7!

Event Period

00:00:00 on January 10th - 23:59:59 on February 7th PST

How to Play:

Log into the Papaya Play website by clicking “Log In” button below to participate the event.
You will receive rewards based on the total number of days you have logged into the game during the event period. Once you satisfy each condition, click on “Receive Reward” button of the condition.
You can log into any of your characters within your account to register a login for the day. For example, if you logged into 2 characters in an account on Jan. 11, the number of login would be counted as only one. Even if you logged into only one character on the next day, the number of logins would be counted as 2.
You must log out of the game and the launcher, then log back in again each day to register a login for that day (server time).
When your prizes are available, clicking “Receive Reward” on each condition below will send the corresponding prizes to your Bank (Receive Item menu) in-game.

I Want to Join this event

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Days of Login Item Rewards status

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Letter of Skill Use


Prepare For the First Ship Battle Event!

The much-anticipated Multiplayer Sea Battle Arena welcomes all mariners - Battle Campaign arrives on January 14! Battle Campaign is an event that lasts for 16 days every month where up to 20 players can participate in a wide-area all-out battlefield. Battle for the influence of towns located near the target waters where Battle Campaign occurs. To celebrate this first ship battle event happening on the Maris server, we are giving out bonus reward items in addition to the regular Battle Campaign Event prizes!

Event Period

January 14th - January 30th PST


Players who earn 150 or more Battle Record Points during the event period will receive the reward.
The reward will be delivered to the in-game Bank after the event period ends.


St. Elmo's Protection x 1

Lengthens the duration of Skill effects while on the sea for 14 days.