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UWO GM Guidelines

Jun 10, 2020 7,049

Last Updated: June 4th, 2020

[UWO GM Guidelines]

For information regarding game operation policies and protocols in Uncharted Waters Online and Papaya Play, click here.

[How GMs Deal with Terms of Use Violators]

Players who violate Papaya Play’s terms of use may be subject to the following:

A warning

Temporary muting (between 1 to 5 days)

Temporary ban (between 3 – 30 days)

Permanent ban, depending on the severity and/or frequency of violations

They are not given in order. They will be given based on the severity and if the player has committed other violations previously, depending on GM discretion. GMs do not disclose information related to violator investigations.

This is simply a guideline for players. GMs reserve the right to all punishments are up to the Papaya Play’s Support Team’s discretion based on the severity of the violation.

[Excessive Multi-Boxing in UWO]

Each character has a limited number of Skill slots. Therefore, in order for players to enjoy everything UWO has to offer, we understand it is necessary to use multiple characters at the same time. With this in mind…

Multi-boxing is permitted up to 3 characters per person. One player using 4 or more characters is seen as excessive multi-boxing.

Multiple players from the same household can play at the same time, as long as each of the players do not have 4 or more characters logged in at the same time.

If GMs find a player is using more than 3 characters at the same time, the user may be temporarily suspended for their first offence. Penalties will become more severe for any future violations.

If a player consistently logging in more than 10 different accounts (not at the same time) daily, then it may be deemed as disrupting game play and result in suspension of all accounts. Our system is capable of detecting real IP and proxy IP, thus using proxy will be treated as the using same one IP.

Players conduct multi-boxing at their own risk. We do not provide any support for issues that arise due to it, in game or outside.

Players may only join an event conducted by GMs with one of their characters.

[GM Characters]

In UWO, GMs are usually invisible. When they do appear, they can be identified by the [GM] at the beginning of their IGN.

[What GMs Do]

The world of UWO is a result of the interrelationship between players. In-game issues are generally to be resolved through player cooperation and mutual support. In general, we believe that GMs should allow the world of UWO to be largely self-regulated and that players can resolve issues on their own. However, for violations requiring GM attention, contact GM through Helpdesk. All GM decisions on suspension/mute and other actions are considered final. Players may not dispute it in game or on forum, doing so will result in post removal and longer or permanent suspension on the accounts.

GMs will mainly be responsible for the following tasks:

Answering players’ general inquiries

Investigating and dealing with terms-of-use violations

Making announcements about maintenance, updates, and events

Running and overseeing in-game events

Bug checking

[What GMs DON’T Do]

GMs are committed to supporting players in the game. However, they are not responsible for:

 Resolving conflicts, arguments, or rivalries between players (such as disagreements on prices in WTS/WTB). Petty disputes are the responsibility of players unless a GM considers the matter serious enough to get involved.

Giving players gameplay information or advice. Please ask other players including Community Advisors if you need advice or help with gameplay related issues.

Fixing bugs. We will report bugs to developer KOEI if deemed necessary.

Recovering lost or deleted items, characters, or progress. GMs are NOT responsible for helping players retrieve deleted characters or used/lost/sold/discarded items. It is a player's responsibility if items or characters are lost due to player action or error.

Disclosing information from investigations requested by users.

[Community Advisors (CAs)]

Community Advisors are players, not Papaya Play employees, who help GMs support/monitor the game.

[What CAs Do]

Generally assisting players in-game

Reporting bugs/illegal activities to GMs

Collecting feedback and suggest improvements to GMs

Monitoring the in-game public chat

[What CAs Don't Do]

CAs are NOT responsible for providing information regarding:

Future updates

GM Guidelines violation investigation progress

Bug fix progress

Billing-related issues

** These guidelines are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion.


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