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The epic adventures set on the Seas of Wonders from Chapter 1 "Lost Memories" continue! Uncover more mysteries of the Seas of Wonders by investigating a Mysterious Map that is said to give visions to Voyagers and by exploring the new Regions and Objects in the Seas of Wonders!

When you visit Ibn in Alexandria, who is researching the Mysterious Map, you are told that his cooperators have found a new Map and are beginning an investigation. Because of your experience investigating the Mysterious Map, you are asked to help by visiting a person called Murshid in Candia.

In order to enter Lost Memories Chapter 2's New Seas of Wonders,
players must meet ALL of the following conditions:
1) Have entered the Sea of Wonder from Chapter 1.
2) Possess the Port Permit for the Indian Ocean.
3) Have discovered one of the Relics from "Grimoire," "The Fall of Atlantis" or "Ancient High Technology." OR Have defeated 50 or more of red and orange Ganadors.

According to the cooperator Murshid, there are other cooperators who have already started their investigation in Benghazi, Athens, and Famagusta. Murshid apparently wants information from them...

Based on the terrifying story told by a cooperator, it seems this time's Map investigation will become even more difficult than before...

After you report to Murshid in Candia the information you gathered from the cooperators, an entrance will open up in the East Mediterranean Sea. From there, you can access the new Regions of the Seas of Wonders.

Like the ones before it, you will find odd-looking decayed structures all around the new Seas of Wonders. By investigating these, you have a chance to obtain rare Items or even progress into the deeper parts of the Sea of Wonders.

Additionally, it seems that there are "relics shaped like a lion" in the new Seas Regions. If you successfully complete an investigation on them in the right order, you may be able to gain a clue to access the biggest secret of the new Seas of Wonders...

To help more Voyagers access and explore the Seas of Wonders easily,
the below changes have been made:
· Your Fleet Members' locations will be shown on the Surveying Map while in the Seas of Wonders.
· The chance to obtain Items from Mysterious Objects within the Seas of Wonders has increased.
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Countless seafarers feared the Phantom Monster, Leviathan... Now, this Leviathan has materialized in one of the Sea Regions in the Seas of Wonders and is attacking any Ships that come near it.

The Leviathan attacks with a roar that shakes the air around it.

The basic conditions on winning or losing are the same as those in regular Sea Battles. Achieve victory by attacking the Leviathan with your cannons. However, there are some Skills and Items that have no effect on the Leviathan, so you must take precaution.

Leviathan's attacks are very powerful, so it's possible that you will become incapacitated from a single blow! Even if you survive its attacks, your Sailors could get into "Panic Mode" where you cannot repair your Ship or treat your Sailors. If this happens, keep your distance from the Leviathan and wait until your Sailors get out of the Panic Mode.
The key to winning the battle against the Leviathan is to use your cannon attacks to lower its Durability while dodging its attacks.

An "X" icon will appear on the left of your Character Name
when you are in a "Panic Mode".

Once you have successfully won against the Leviathan for the first time, you will receive a Crest deigned after the Leviathan as a reward.

A crest using a Phantom Monster, Leviathan, as a motif.

Additionally, you can gain materials to craft Ship Decors!

· Players must have a space in their inventory in order to receive the Crest. Players who did not receive it because of this will receive the Crest when they defeat the Leviathan next time and have a space in their inventory.
· Players who are within the battlefield circle when the Leviathan is defeated will receive the Crest.

"Sea Dragon's Tusk" and "Leviathan Crest"

After the battle (including when you flee or are defeated), the Leviathan will leave from the Sea Region. In order to encounter it again, you will need to re-enter the Seas of Wonders.

Mina had started her investigations on folklores after it was recommended by her brother. In the course of her research, she discovers an important keyword…

"The Isle of Seven Cities"...

In search of the legendary island known as "Antilia", each Nation and people take action.

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Equip your Ship in a variety of fashion with "Ship Decors." You can install your collected Ship Decors to your preference!

You can set up your Ship Decors by going to Menu 🠪 Ship/Fleet 🠪 Ship Parts 🠪 Ship Decors

Select the positions to install the Ship Decors of your choice. Ship Decors can be installed on:
· Mast Top
· Front Right/Left Sides
· Rear Right/Left Sides

*Each Ship Decor has its own installation positions. Also, for some Ships, there are positions Ship Decor cannot be installed on.
*If the masts on your Ship do not show your Nation's flags on their tops, installing a Ship Decor to the Mast Top of your Ship will not change its appearance.

You can install your favorite Ship Decor to your preferred position on your Ship!

Memory Traverser's Coat, Memory Traverser's Hat, and Memory Traverser's Boots Equipment worn by those who have traversed numerous challenges.

More Quests with the theme of "legends" and "memories" have been added.
See what's behind the legends and stories that appear in "Wonder Seekers" from a different angle.


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