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Within the Seas of Wonders related to the Great Lighthouse,
A Phantom Monster in the shape of a fish has appeared.
This monster will attack any ships that come near it!

Even large ships must be careful due to its attacks using its enormous body!

Cetus will use its enormous body to attack in ways that are completely different from the Leviathan. This means that you must come up with new strategies in order to dodge while attacking it.

Catch it off its guard!

There will be moments of opportunity even if you're fighting against the powerful Cetus. Carefully observe Cetus in order to find the opportunity for an effective attack!

After you successfully defeat Cetus for the first time, you will receive the Cetus Crest as a reward. Additionally, you will obtain material items to make the ship paneling and equipment seen below.

go back to the seas of wonders to uncover more hidden secrets!

There are now strange colossus relics covered in mysterious lights within the Seas of Wonders.

These relics will be indicated with a peculiar icon in the Survey Map. By investigating these relics, you may gain a variety of useful effects such as increasing your ship speed and increasing your remaining time in the Seas of Wonders. Try to make use of these effects from the relics as you sail through!

Inside the rare sea region with the yellow hue, there are new colossus relics that emit bright lights.

These colossus relics will be indicated with a peculiar icon in the Survey Map. By investigating these relics, you may obtain a variety of items. When you enter this sea region, don't forget to investigate, so you can get items!

Try to find discoveries that are yet to be unveiled in the Seas of Wonders by starting the new Treasure Hunt Theme, "Legend Regarding an Old Map"!

Once you have started this Treasure Hunt, you will be able to collect Clues from colossus relics in the Seas of Wonders.

With the advice from the people involved, Mina searches for the legendary island, "Antillia". Meanwhile, people from each nation and their desires intertwine, complicating the investigation...
It is during this time that they come across the one "truth"...

Bonus Treasure Hunt is a new feature where players who complete one of the two selected Treasure Hunt Themes within the period will be given a special reward. As you receive the variety of benefits for the selected 2 Themes, you can gain an advantage in advancing in these Themes over other Themes.

*Bonus Treasure Hunt is held irregularly.
Event information will be shared in the game.

Bonus Treasure Hunt can be checked from the list of Themes.
The below Benefits will be activated in Treasure Hunt Themes selected for the Bonus Treasure Hunt.
  • Even if you fail in assembling Clues, you will not lose them. However, if it's done between you and your Fleet member, the Clues will be still lost.
  • The Skill Rank necessary for the Relic Discovery Quest of the Bonus Treasure Hunt Theme will be lowered by 5.
  • When completing the Relic Discovery Quest of the Bonus Treasure Hunt Theme, the Adventure EXP/Fame obtained will be doubled.
  • By completing one of the two Bonus Treasure Hunt Themes, you can receive a special reward.

  • Bonus Treasure Hunt occurs irregularly.
  • In the case that Themes with multiple Relics are selected for the Bonus Treasure Hunt,
    you can fulfill the Bonus Treasure Hunt achievement requirement by discovering only one of them.
  • You can receive the special reward along with the Quest rewads when you achieve it

The characters' maximum levels in Adventure, Trade and Battle have been increased from 87 to 90! There are many benefits that can be gained with the maximum level uncapping, so aim to increase your levels.

To increase the maximum levels in Adventure, Trade, and Battle, the characters must meet the following conditions:

1. Level 80 or higher
2. Have uncapped your maximum level to 85 already
3. Enter the Capital City's Port of your Home Nation while meeting the conditions 1 and 2

Visit Prince Henrique in Sagres to receive these benefits after you have met the following conditions.

*To receive these benefits, you have to have received all the benefits from all the previous maximum level uncapping events.

The character name color for Commercial Battle License holders are now green. With this, it's now a lot easier to tell apart "Agents" from "Pirates"!

New rewards have been added to the Epic Sea Feud and Epic Pirate Feud!

The "Join Fleet"option has been added under Ship/Fleet. With this function, you can easily find Fleets that fit your needs by searching for recruiting Fleets and their Purpose.

*You cannot join a Fleet whose Admiral is in the Epic Sea Feud Sea Region during the Feud.
Select "Purpose" under "Recruit"

Special Equipment "Encouragement Horn" and "Special Camouflage" have been added to the Epic Pirate Feud. Plus, the effects of the pre-existing Special Equipmentand and the amount of times you can use them have been improved! Use these Special Equipment effects to your advantage in the Epic Pirate Feud!

When using "Special Camouflage", you will not receive attacks from enemy ships for a fixed time.

Introducing new Ship Decors! Ship Decors can be obtained in a variety of situations within the game, so keep an eye out!


*These Items are only available at our UWC Shop.

Additional new Quests have been added with the same theme as "Lost Memories" of legends and memories. See the legends and stories that appear in Episode "Wonder Seeker" from a different angle.

The "Chinchorro Mummies" is a discovery that is considered older than Egyptian mummies.
A light comes down from the skies, illuminating its magical wings. What could it be...?
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