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Battle Campaign, the Multiplayer Sea Battle

Jan 7, 2018 6,869

Battle Campaign is Multiplayer Sea Battle fought between two randomly selected Nations where up to 20 players battle at the same time for the influence of a selected sea area. Players from other Nations are also able to choose one of the camps to support and take part in the event as mercenaries.

Battle Campaign starts at 3:00 PM on the 14th of each month (server time) and continues for 16 days. Players can participate at anytime during this period.

1. Board Battle Campaign Transportation Ship

[Players Belonging to One of the Selected Nations]

Select "Battle Campaign Transport" at any port to board the ship which will be heading to the Mission Headquarters of your Nation.

[Players from Other Nations (Mercenaries)]

Select "Battle Campaign Transport" at any port and select one of the two Nations to support. After selecting, you will board the ship that will be heading to the Mission Headquarters of your selected Nation.

*You cannot board the Battle Campaign Transport at a city where an Epic Investment Battle is occurring.

2. Enter Mission Headquarters

Upon arriving at the Port of Mission Headquarters, select Harbour to enter the Mission Headquarters.

3. Planning/Participating in a Mission

[Planning a Mission]

・Talk to the Info. Officer and select "Plan Mission" under "Mission List" where you are able to set up conditions and leave a comment for a Battle Campaign Mission. This information will be shared with other participants.

・When Mission Planning is completed, other players may start joining the Mission.

・Once both camps have 2 or more participants and all participants have finished Battle Preparations under "Mission Information," the Mission can now commence at the will of the Mission Planner.

*Players who have finished Battle Preparations will have a sword icon displayed beside their names within the Mission Information Window.

[Participating in a Planned Mission]

・Talk to the Info. Officer and select which Mission you would like to join.

・When you click "Details" after selecting a Mission under "Mission List," you may confirm the Mission conditions and the comment set by the Mission Planner as well as players who have already joined the Mission.

・Once both camps have 2 or more participants and all participants have finished Battle Preparations under "Mission Information," the Mission can now commence at the will of the Mission Planner.

*Players who have finished Battle Preparations will have a sword icon displayed beside their names within the Mission Information window.

*In order to join a Mission, players will need to meet the conditions set by the Mission Planner.

*If a Key Number is set for the Mission, players will need to enter the correct Key Number to join the Mission.

4. Battlefield


・Each time you successfully incapacitate an enemy ship, you will earn point(s). The camp first to earn 50 points within a set Mission Duration will emerge victorious.

・The battlefield is separated into three water areas: Friendly Waters, Neutral Waters and Enemy Waters. The amount of Point(s) earned differs based on which area you incapacitate an enemy ship in.

<Point(s) Earned>

Once your ship is incapacitated by an enemy ship, you'll be automatically sent back to the port of your Mission Headquarters. However, as long as you are still within the Mission Duration, you can deploy as many times as you want.

*You will not lose Battle Fame, items or be plundered upon being incapacitated.

5. End of Battle

・When the Mission Duration has ended, all participants will return to the port and all ships will have their previous Ship Durability restored.

・Talk with the Info. Officer to receive your rewards and that will signify the end of the Battle.

・Afterwards, players can freely join or plan other Missions and battle more. Or if you wish, you may also take the Battle Campaign Transport at the port to return to the port of the location you were previously at.

*The Durability of your ship parts and character equipment items will NOT be reduced during Battle Campaign.

*During the period of the Battle Campaign, you may participate in the Battle Campaign as often as you wish by taking the Battle Campaign Transport at anytime. If you're participating as a mercenary, you may change sides and support the Opposing Nation as well.

6. Effects of Battle Campaign

The influence of all ports in the selected sea area will change depending on the amount of victories obtained by the selected Nations for the Battle Campaign as well as Nations of those who participate as mercenaries.

7. End of Battle Campaign

Once the Battle Campaign period ends, an announcement will be made and no further Missions may be planned.

However, Battles still occurring upon the end of the Battle Campaign period shall continue until the Battle has concluded.


Players can obtain various prizes based on the Battle Records Points earned such as:

Battle Performance Awards (exchangeable for a consumable item, a ship part or a ship material)

Ducats (in-game gold)

Patriot Award


Player can claim special Titles based on the cumulative number of Battle Campaign victories such as:

Marechal  (100 Victories in Battle Campaign) 

Vainqueur (200 Victories in Battle Campaign)

Good Luck , Captains!


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