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Academy Battle Guide

Mar 9, 2018 5,747



Discovery Academy Debate Tournaments

-An event where expert adventurers gather!-



Famous voyagers from far and wide bring their discoveries from unknown lands to investors and compete to find out who has made more excellent discoveries. In "Discovery Academy Debate Tournaments" or "Academy Battle", contestants compete in debates for the values of these discoveries to determine who is the most capable adventurer!

By emerging victorious in the tournament debates, you'll be able to earn various prizes as well as spread your name. There are even special items that can only be obtained through the tournament. However, upon losing, you'll also lose a Discovery Card from the ones that you've used... A challenge awaits you with each Debate!







Discovery Academy Debate Tournament is a large-scale Debate event using your Discovery Cards, which occurs during the 3rd weekend of each month in a designated City. During this event, you can have a Debate battle with anyone within the designated City and compete for the number of wins.





Cup 1: 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM , the 3rd Saturday of each month

Cup 2: 10:00 AM-12:30 PM, the 3rd Sunday of each month

*Pacific Standard Time




* See the "What's a Debate?" section down below for details.



Participation Requirements

● Must have at least 30 Discovery Cards (45+ is recommended).

● Must be able to enter the City where the Academy Debate Tournaments are being held.


Why Participate in Academy Battle?

● Depending on the number of wins obtained during the Tournament, you can obtain a tremendous amount of Adventure EXP, Fame and Royal Fleet Performance (if you are in the Special Operations Group), as well as rewards including 8 Crowns that can be only obtained through this Event.

● Top 5 Participants will be honored at the Academy Board and will have their name recorded and can be viewed by talking to any Adventure Guild Master.

Top 10 Participants will receive a gift from a Barmaid in the Capital City of your Nation.

● Chance to meet other adventurers through this event.






Sign up by talking to the Quest Mediator at the Adventurer Guild in the designated City 1 hour prior to the start of the event.




Make sure to:

● Have a Deck consisting of 30 Discovery Cards, that is of the same Class as the designated Class for the day of the event you wish to participate in.

● Have checked the checkbox to "Allow Debate" under "Set Status."



* Even if you don't have a Deck built, you can still sign up, however, in order to Debate with others, you must have a Deck that is corresponding to the current Class of the event.

* During the Sign-up period, you cannot have regular Debates at the City of the venue. Also, during the event period, you cannot have Debate other than ones for the event.

* After signing up for Academy Battle, you may still participate in Storyline Events and Quests.

* Once you have signed up for Academy Battle, you may not cancel your entry.





The basic rules are the same as those of Debate.




● An Academy Battle venue is not limited to within the Adventurer Guild, but the entire City. However, event participants are encouraged to stay within the Adventurer Guild during the event period.

● After registering, Players that are ready for Academy Battle will have an icon beside their name to show that they have completed their registration for Academy Battle.

● Both you and your opponent will need to complete 5 Debates with other participants before being able to Debate with each other once again.

● Those who have not obtained 5 wins will have a ☆ icon, those with 5-9 wins will have a ☆☆ icon, and those with 10 or more wins will have a ☆☆☆ icon displayed.


● You can find more details regarding your results by checking the Character Information Screen (hover over the “Card VS” icon).



Event Flow

● During the event, within one day, a Player can have a Debate up to 15 times. Once they have had 15 Debates, the Academy Battle icon beside their name will disappear.

● Players with more than 5 wins may only Debate other players with more than 5 wins, and players with more than 10 wins may only Debate other players with more than 10 wins.



<<Selecting "Concede" in the middle of the event will be considered a lost and that will end your participation for the rest of the event>>



If You Are Defeated

● If you lose in a Debate during the event, 1 card will be randomly chosen from the Cards you have used and it will be removed. 

● After you have lost one of your Cards, there will be only 29 Cards left in your Deck, which means you are no longer eligible to participate in the event. In order to rejoin the event, you'll need to add another Discovery Card to your Deck under "Debate Deck" to make a complete Deck again.


* Lost Discovery Cards can be obtained again by making the corresponding Discoveries through Quests/Discovery Maps, etc.




You will be able to obtain prizes after the event period ends based on both the amount of wins obtained and your final position in the event:


[Based of the Amount of Wins] (1-4 wins/5-9 wins/10 wins or more)

Talk to the Adventure Mediators in any City to claim:

● A Chest containing rare items

   *A type of a Chest given varies depending on how many wins you've obtained.

● Adventure Fame 

● Adventure EXP

● Ducats



[Based of Your Position] (1st/2nd-5th/6-10th)

 You will receive a prize from the Barmaid in the Capital City of you Nation.

● The prize can be obtained under "Receive Item" at Bank. Prizes being stored at the Bank will remain there for a duration of 30 days.



* Even without obtaining any wins, you will be able to receive a Ducat reward if you have engaged in at least one Debate.




Debates are conducted between 2 players, each using a Deck consisting of 30 Discovery Cards they own.



Building a Deck



1. Select "Debate Deck" under "Record."

2. Select 30 Discovery Cards to construct your Deck with. Discovery Cards are given point values based on the value of the Discovery itself.

3. Select your Deck Class. The Total Point Value limit for your Discovery Cards will vary depending on the selected Class.


* Debates can only be conducted between those using Decks of the same Class





  1. Card Affinity Tabs
  2. Number of Cards in Deck
  3. Total Point Value of Deck
  4. Sort by Point Value or Card Name
  5. Discovery Card Affinity
  6. Discovery Card Point Value
  7. Deck Class and Point Limit
  8. Auto-construct Deck



Challenging Players to a Debate

1. Go into "Set Status" and check "'Allow Debate."

2. Click on the Player you wish to challenge and select "Debate."

3. If the Player accepts, the Debate will begin.



Basic Rules 


● Players will take turns playing 3 Cards from their Decks, comparing the Total Point Values at the end. This is known as a 'Set'.

● The Player with the highest Total Point Value wins the 'Set'.

● The Debate concludes after 7 Sets or when either side wins 4 Sets.

● If no winner is determined after 7 Sets, the Debate will conclude as a draw.





● At the start of each Set, 6 Cards from each Player's Deck will be drawn randomly for each player's "Hand".

● Before you can do anything, 1 Card from each Player's Hand will automatically be selected and placed onto the Playing Field.

● Both Players will then select a 2nd Card from their Hand and play it at the same time.

● Both Players will then select a 3rd Card from their Hand and play it at the same time.

● The Total Point Value of each Player's 3 Cards will then be calculated.

● The Player with the higher Total Point Value will win the Set. If the Total Point Values are the same, it will be considered a draw.


* Cards that have been played cannot be used for the remaining sets for the same Player.

* If no Card is selected by a Player within a set period of time, a Card will be automatically selected and played from that Player's Hand.

* If both Players play the same Card at the same time, Points will be counted for both Players.

* If a Player plays a Card that is already on the Playing Field, the Card will NOT be in effect and will be counted as 0 Points. At the same time, Combos and Affinity Bonus for that Card will NOT activate.





By collecting certain Cards together on your field, you can activate Combos. The effects of Combos include:

● Obtain bonus Points.

● Enhance the Point of one of your Cards.

● Decrease the Point of one of your opponent's Cards.

● Change Bonus Affinity in your favor.

● Reveal the opponent's Hand in the next Set.

   …And much more!



Affinity Bonus


● Discovery Cards each have 2 different types of Affinities: Affinity 1 (General) and Affinity 2 (Specific). By playing Cards of the corresponding Affinity as the Affinity Bonus for the Set, you'll be able to obtain more Points (+2 for Geneal Affinity, and +3 for Specific Affinity).

● When 4 or more Cards of the same Affinity are played onto the Field, the designated Affinity Bonus will randomly change.







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