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Treasure Chest and Treasure Appraisal Guide

Dec 7, 2022 11,899



"Treasure Appraisal" is one of the features

rewarding lucky players when defeating NPCs!


[Updated on December 7th, 2022]



After defeating NPC(s) in a Land or Sea Battle, you have a chance to receive a Treasure Chest!

Different Treasure Chests have different levels of rarity, and Treasure Chests with a higher rarity will be more challenging to obtain.


Acquire Treasure Chests after defeating NPCs!


*The type of Treasure Chest you are more likely to obtain will change depending on how powerful the enemy is.

*Treasure Chests cannot be obtained from Battle Campaign, Epic Sea Feud, Epic Pirate Feud, Ganadors or Coliseum.



As powerful as you might be, these Treasure Chests refuse to open.

You must take them to the Command Center and request assistance from the “Treasure Appraiser“, who uses his sharp eyes to appraise each and every chest.

*Rarer Treasure Chests will require a greater amount of effort to appraise and will use a greater amount of Daily Treasure Appraisals as a result.

*If the calendar day changes while you are logged in, log out and log back in to reset your Treasure Appraisal amount.

*You will need the 'Emergency Appraisal Request' in order to open more chests after the daily limit amount of appraisal.

*Your Fame for each Job Type must be 10,000 or higher to perform Treasure Appraise. (Updated with Chapter 3.3)


How to reach the Treasure Appraiser:

1) Go to any port, and talk to the Port Official. Click 'Set Sail'.

2) Once you are on the docks, click 'Ganador Transport' in the port menu.

3) When you are in the 'Command Center Port', click 'To Harbour' in the port menu.

4) You are now at the Command Center! The Treasure Appraiser is on the right side, near the cannons! Time to appraise and open those chests!


"With my mighty strength...Ahem, I mean, my sharp eye, there is no Treasure Chest I cannot unlock!"



Depending on the Treasure Chest you have, the appraisal amount is different.




















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